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Developing uniquely elegant coffee.

Bringing together the art and science of the perfect coffee

Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters is a Melbourne-based coffee roaster, designing blends and products in our North Coburg factory and supporting a wide range of businesses across the country.

Family owned and operated, Knight Mattingly is built on the foundation of great coffee making. We grew out of the heritage of Crivelli Coffee, one of Melbourne's first quality coffee roasters, arriving in the city in the 1950s. Knight Mattingly has the knowledge and expertise of generations in our bloodlines, but today we couple it with innovation and excitement for new directions and taste profiles.

Supporting cafés, boutique coffee houses, hospitality chains and others.

The Knight Mattingly coffee offering is matched by the fact that we are strong strategic operators. We're experienced in the world of trade and operations. We understand what it means to run a business, especially one in the fast-paced and complex cafe environment. We understand our customers, and we know what they need to operate a business profitably and successfully.

At Knight Mattingly we work with our clients to help them deliver better business outcomes, but always with great coffee.




Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters has four business trust commitments we deliver to our customers:


With our rich heritage and bank of knowledge, we are committed to providing lush coffee blends to suit a range of discerning taste profiles. We have over nine different quality control tests in order to ensure consistency of flavour.


We provide all of our customers with complete data accessibility and roasting information. The information you need about your coffee heritage, and its treatment, is always at your fingertips.


We know that getting your orders on time is crucial to the operation of your business. Our ordering process is easy to complete and always accurate. And if we get it wrong, your delivery is free.


We are all about creating alliances, working shoulder-to-shoulder. At Knight Mattingly we work in partnership with your business to make sure our coffee is the right fit for you and your customers.






Our great range of coffee blends are available for you to order online and have delivered to your door. Choose from ground or beans, and if you're based in Australia we can dispatch directly to you.

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Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters grew out of the heritage of one of Melbourne's oldest coffee lines.

We are one of the few coffee roasting houses that are led entirely by women, and we are guided by entrepreneur Debra Knight.

Debra worked on the Crivelli Coffee brand for more than 8 years, harnessing the heritage and knowledge the brand had to offer. Over time and together with a tight-knit team, she has carefully overhauled processes and operations to create the Knight Mattingly Coffee Roasters business.

Debra has always been careful to retain the essence of Crivelli, keeping hold of its important place as one of Melbourne's first true coffees. The taste profiles are retained, acting as bloodlines back to the hills of Italy.

Today the business has grown - taking the knowledge gained through heritage, and blending it with passion for flavour and innovation.

The coffee blends of Knight Mattingly reveal a fresh complexity.

The coffee blends of Knight Mattingly reveal a fresh complexity, and deliver on the expectations of newer coffee audiences. There is freedom in product development, and a focus on delivering uniquely elegant coffees.

Debra's commitment to fine coffee is only surpassed by her drive for excellence. This has meant that Knight Mattingly's business operations are fixed on the success of their customers. From airlines to cafés, from hotels to pop-up bars, Knight Mattingly's coffee solutions are designed to drive customer satisfaction, repeat visits and to become an integral part of their business.